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Artists Statement

Dear Friends,
I guess I seek to paint somewhere between the deepest depths of the human soul, the freedom of a child and a Hendrix solo, electric movements expressing life and death and all the colors in-between as though a pallet loaded with paint has exploded.

I prefer palette knife to a brush, it lays down thick layers, one upon another, which can then be cut through with energetic strokes creating mixtures of color and sculpted line beyond even my own intention. Parables and metaphors brought forth in paint, with flowers instead of people, mixed with stick figures and scratchings of ideas as they arise within. I have become aware that I am merely a vessel at times, and that the painting is using me to create itself. The creative experience is definitely a path of wonderment.

Portraiture is also one of CatBoneFace's gifts and I seek to bring the same qualities of movement, feeling and expression into the works while seeking to keep the likeness and atmosphere alive and vibrant.

I was born in England in 1969 and came to the States in 1980. It’s been a long and strange road filled with many of the feelings that I hope you will find expressed in these works. I have always been creative, yet I took up painting predominantly in 2014 after finding that I couldn’t deal with traditional paths of life anymore. Music and poetry have always been part of my world and I don’t really see any separation between those expressions, including painting.

It used to be believed that creative people had an unseen genius that would help, inspire, and guide them in creating their art rather than the artist himself/herself being the genius therefore causing the artist to either become overwhelmed or self absorbed. Not that I am claiming genius status by any means, yet as CatBoneFace I am at one with something that is grander than myself, and when I can’t...CatBoneFace can.

I hope you enjoy the CatBoneFace experience and whatever it means to you, as that is what it is all about. I would love to know what you think of my work, and I hope to get to know some of you through the paths that connect us in creativity.

If you would like to view a short film of me CatBoneFace painting “Antithesis,” shown here in the gallery, and a short biography, go to


For commissioned Portrait inquires please email me.

Thank You,

CatBoneFace the Artist

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The Artist

CatBoneFace@CatBoneFace.com, 703.935.6781 (ph)